The Birth of the Band

How the world was introduced to HARMEGEDDON

Few creatures were as well suited to survive the apocalypse as the tribute band. Life on the road in an old tour van had prepared them better than any weekend survival course ever could. 

In that one regard, Van Galen were fortunate; As “The Crappening” befell the world during their County Fair Warning Tour, it really presented no marked difference to their lifestyle.

When the exchange of nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons destroyed most of the world’s beds, the tribute band had no problem falling asleep; they were used to sleeping anywhere, and under any driving conditions.

When the world’s farms and taquerías were obliterated, they had no problem not eating; they were used to going days without food, because they went days without paying gigs.

But more importantly, the end of the world turned people cold and mean, and they were forced to do unthinkable things to survive. They had to adopt a moral flexibility. Many wrestled with this, and many lost their lives because they were unwilling to let go of their values and beliefs. Clinging to them, they died good people in their own eyes, but they died nonetheless. Tribute bands already possessed that moral flexibility, so finding it wasn’t a problem. At least, not for the five members of Van Galen. 


All Galen and the lads had ever wanted to do was rock. Only now did he realize that by becoming Van Galen, he had taken the easy way out. It was time to shed the image of another band and rock like only they knew how. They were Rock’s last, and through the process of elimination, greatest hope. The last band on Earth.

It was time to become Harmegeddon.

That night, in the town of New Hope, Harmegeddon made their debut. They didn’t do covers. They didn’t strut. They didn’t glam up. Galen didn’t even wear spandex. They did only one thing.

They rocked.

And then, they were booed off the stage.